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#HelpHarrietsfield stand up for clean water

Photo: Rebecca Hussman

Water is a vital part of everyday life and a basic human right.

For nearly a decade, Marlene Brown and others in Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia, have been afraid to drink the water that flows from their kitchen taps.

Operations at a now-defunct demolition facility contaminated their local water supply with unsafe levels of toxic substances such as uranium, lead and arsenic. The Nova Scotia government has issued clean-up orders for the site, but they have never been fully enforced.

The government has a responsibility to ensure contaminated sites are cleaned up in a timely fashion — especially when they put the water we drink at risk.

Help Harrietsfield residents and call on the Nova Scotia government to clean up this contaminated site.

Send a letter to the Minister of the Environment today!

Photo: Rebecca Hussman

We want the Minister of the Environment to use her legislative powers.

We’ve already seen public support for Harrietsfield residents influence decision makers. Last year, the government promised to install water filtration systems in the homes of impacted residents after people like you called on it to #HelpHarrietsfield.

Let's find out why it hasn't

Water filters will be a welcome improvement for residents, but they will not address the source of the problem. We want the government to ensure the site is cleaned up.

Under Nova Scotia law, the Minister of Environment has broad powers to enforce the orders requiring those responsible for the site to clean it up. In the event that enforcement does not work, the Ministry can also intervene, carry out the cleanup itself, and send the polluters the bill.

That’s why we’re asking Environment Minister Margaret Miller to step in. Will you join us?

“We’re surrounded by water and we can’t drink. We might as well be in the ocean.” - Marlene Brown, Harrietsfield resident.


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Send a letter to Nova Scotia's Minister of the Environment.

The Honourable Margaret Miller, M.L.A.
Minister of the Environment

Department of Environment, Barington Tower
1894 Barrington Street, Suite 18000
PO Box 442
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2P8

Dear Minister Miller,