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Call for a real climate plan for B.C.

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B.C. needs a real climate plan now

Please, send a letter to your MLA urging the them to act now.

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The world is at a crossroads

A half-baked plan won’t cut it in a climate emergency.

By law, the B.C. government must publish plans that describe how the province is making progress towards eight key climate targets between now and 2050. Missing even one of these targets could derail the government’s entire climate agenda.

To date, the B.C. government has failed to provide plans to make four of these crucial targets. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and B.C. can’t afford any more failures on climate.

Tell your MLA that you expect better. Anything less than complete, specific, and detailed plans to reduce carbon pollution is unacceptable in the context of the climate emergency.

Send your letter today.


The government needs a real plan now

British Columbians should be able to trust that their government’s promises to deliver on climate action are more than just a bunch of hot air.

Let your MLA know today you expect them to develop a real plan, now.


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