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Tell your MP to stop fuelling wildfires

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Help fight future wildfires

Tell your MP to slash carbon emissions now

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This is Canada's worst fire season on record. 

Tens of thousands of people in Canada have evacuated their homes — taking what they can and facing an uncertain future. Indigenous communities, in particular, have seen some of the most serious damage from the fires so far. 

Wildfire smoke — like climate change — knows no borders. As the haze continues to choke communities across Turtle Island, some smoke has even reached as far as Norway. Air pollution from wildfire smoke leads to an increased risk of lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. 

Throughout Canada, firefighters are bravely battling wildfires, doing everything they can to protect us and the places we love — and now it’s time for political leaders to step up.  

These aren’t normal wildfires. Climate change — as a result of burning coal, oil, and gas — has created what experts call “supercharged” wildfire seasons. We need to rein in the destruction while we still can.

Politicians must put people and the planet first by slashing carbon emissions now.

Here are three things your MP can do to build firebreaks for the climate emergency: 

  1. Stop approving new fossil fuel projects 
  2. Ban thermal coal exports immediately 
  3. Regulate our financial industry to stop billions pouring into oil, gas, and coal developments 

Wildfires are intensified by climate change

Scientists have proven that Canada’s record-breaking wildfires are the result of fossil fuel-driven climate change. Political leaders have the power to put us on a sustainable path, but they must act now.

Demand action on carbon pollution to fight dangerous wildfires.


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