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A safe climate is the most important gift we can give the next generation.

Protecting the climate for future generations  and for his two-year-old son Benji — is what motivates Ecojustice lawyer Charles Hatt.

At Ecojustice, Charles worked on a winning legal strategy that ultimately led Trans Canada to pull the plug on its Energy East pipeline. Now, he and his colleagues are fighting to protect the rights of Ontarians to be consulted on changes to laws that protect them from climate change.

We’re counting on your support to compel governments to take bold, courageous action on climate change — and hold them to account if they fail to deliver.


Charlie's holiday wish

“My holiday wish is that Canadians draw upon our can-do spirit to safeguard the climate for today’s children — and for generations to come. When governments fail to deliver on their commitments to fight climate change, it falls to groups like Ecojustice to take legal action to secure everyone’s right to a safe climate.”

Help make this wish a reality.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, comprised of the world’s leading climate scientists, has told us in no uncertain terms that we have just 12 years to avert climate disaster.

The challenge before us is immense. But it’s not impossible.

Accelerate the shift toward renewables. Make carbon polluters pay their fair share. Protect carbon stores like Canada’s boreal forest. Together, we will fight for strong, enforceable laws and government action that do all this and more.

This holiday season, give the gift of a brighter environmental future. Please donate today.

   Photo of girl cleaning solar panels by Back Balacombe | CC-BY-2.0


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