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Donate to Ecojustice before the new year rolls in and increase your impact.

Mike Cormack, an Ecojustice donor since 2007, has a challenge for you: Donate now and help Ecojustice raise $50,000 in 72 hours. Once that goal is reached, he will kick in the cash to bring the total to $72K.

With the support of people like you and Mike, Ecojustice uses the law, one of our society’s most powerful tools, to catalyze policy change and hold governments and polluters to account when they fail to protect our health, security, and well-being.

Help us take even more bold legal action to protect our climate for today’s youth and future generations by donating today. 


Mike's holiday wish

“I’m dad to two spirited boys who can’t wait to grow up. But I worry about what climate change means for their future. My holiday wish is that Canada takes big strides to cut carbon pollution. Please join me in supporting Ecojustice to defend our children's future from the threat of climate change.”

Help make this wish a reality.

The coming months will be a critical juncture in Canada’s own climate reckoning. With Saskatchewan and Ontario turning to the courts in a bid to derail the federal government's efforts to cut Canada’s carbon emissions, Ecojustice lawyers will be suiting up to defend the feds' ability to implement urgently-needed climate solutions on a national scale.

Please make a special gift to Ecojustice today and join the fight against climate change.

Protecting the environment is the most meaningful gift we can give our loved ones.  Please donate today.

  Photo by Back Balacombe | CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0


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