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Our planet is in peril. You can help create a brighter environmental future.

The climate crisis and rapid disappearance of plant and animal species are stern reminders that we must work together to safeguard the environment for all living beings.

Ecojustice’s unique offering to the environmental movement in Canada is our legal expertise. With you as our partner, we will take on more bold legal action to protect this living planet for today’s young people and future generations.

Please, make a special gift today. You will help build on the many environmental victories we achieved together this past year.

Become a monthly donor and fuel the fight for a brigher enviornmental future.

By becoming a monthly donor, you can make sure Ecojustice is ready and able to rapidly respond to urgent environmental issues as they arise.

Your recurring gift will empower Ecojustice to take on — and win — lengthy strategic lawsuits that deliver lasting solutions to our most pressing environmental problems.

Help us go to court to protect the earth for future generations.

Make your gift today.​

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   Photo credits: Sockeye salmon via Shutterstock; orca with salmon by Oregon State University via CC BY-SA 2.0; Ecojustice coal clients by Adrian MacNair;
   Oil pump via Shutterstock; Climate protesters via Shutterstock; Doug Ford obtained under CC-BY-SA 2.0.


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