One earth.
One vote.
Make it count.

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This election, with one vote, you can turn the tide on climate change.

 I’m in! I pledge to vote for a safe climate on October 21.


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This federal election, who we vote for matters more than ever.

From wildfires in B.C. and Alberta to flooding in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, climate change is impacting Canadians and the people and places we love.

You can help. Pledge today to vote for a safe climate future on October 21.

We are in a state of climate emergency.

The good news is we know what it will take to get us out of that emergency: ambitious emissions reduction targets and legal tools that empower Canadians to hold governments to account for meeting them.

It all starts with electing a federal government committed to passing strong laws that treat climate change like a real emergency.


Pledge your vote now. Vote for a safe climate on October 21. ​


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