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Make sure elected leaders put Canada on the path toward a brighter environmental future.

Whatever your political leanings, it is clear we are in a climate emergency. It is critical our governments act quickly and use every tool at their disposal — including the law — to tackle this climate crisis head on.

And if they don’t, Ecojustice stands ever-ready to invoke the power of the law to hold our governments to account for keeping Canadians and the environment safe.

When governments break the law and fail to protect Canadians and the most basic elements of human survival — clean air and water, healthy ecosystems, a safe climate — Ecojustice takes them to court. But we can’t do it without you.

Stand with us. Please, make your gift now and, together, we will hold governments to account.


Join the legal fight

Thanks to supporters like you, Ecojustice ensured the Alberta government answered in court for its public inquiry aimed at silencing Canadians from speaking out on the climate crisis. The climate crisis threatens our health and safety, and we cannot afford to let politicians like Premier Jason Kenney play politics with our future.

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