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Frequently asked questions

How much do ecards cost?

There is a minimum donation of $20 per ecard. Prior to completing your ecard order you also have the option to ‘top up’ your donation, if you wish. If you prefer to only make a donation, without sending any ecards, you can access our secure donation form here.

Can I send to a large list of email addresses?

It is not possible on our site to paste in a large list of email addresses for mass distribution. Note that you can only add one recipient per ecard, and you will need to type the First Name, Last Name and Email Address for each individual ecard recipient.

Will I get a tax receipt for my purchase?

Yes. In sending an ecard you are making a donation in support of Ecojustice's mission to defend nature, combat climate change and fight for a healthy environment for all. Because the fair market value of the ecard is less than 10 per cent of the minimum donation amount, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the full value of your donation.

Are the ecards available as printed cards?

Sorry, no. At this time ecards are only available in a digital format.


Can I donate by phone and send an ecard?

 Sorry, no. Our ecards are only available to send online.

How do I know my ecard has been delivered?

You will receive a confirmation email. Please allow up to 2-3 hours for emails to arrive. If you still haven't received your confirmation email after that time you can email us at donor@ecojustice.ca or call us on 1-800-926-7744, ext. 295.

What do I do if my recipient doesn’t receive their ecard?

Some workplaces also have strict policies regarding receiving only known email sender addresses and will have a firewall on their server to stop all other emails. Sometimes web email addresses are temporarily unavailable because the mailbox is too full, or because the mail server is too busy.

Ask your recipient to check their junk email folder. While we do our best to ensure our emails are delivered, we cannot guarantee this as it varies depending on providers' settings. If your mail provider doesn't recognize the sender it may go automatically in this folder. Most emails will remain in their junk folder for about seven days, though again it may depend on their mailbox and/or provider's settings. If sending to a workplace email address, your recipient could ask their IT department if the email was blocked, and if so, to release it.

Can I re-send any cards?

At this time it is not possible to do so.

Who created the artwork?

We are delighted that an Ecojustice staff member designed the artwork. Simone Williamson is our Marketing and Engagement Associate, and a talented artist! The Wall Street Journal once featured Simone in a story about youth art initiatives. Growing up, Simone dreamt of becoming a biological illustrator. She later studied fine arts at the University of British Columbia and digital marketing at the RED Academy before joining Ecojustice. Simone is thrilled to be part of an organization that advocates for climate action and environmental justice. You can view more of her artwork here.

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