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I’m ready to have a Courageous Conversation!

Access Ecojustice’s Courageous Conversations climate card deck now.

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Courageous conversations about climate solutions

Want to join the conversation but don’t know what to say?

Have you ever hopped on Facebook, seen a post about climate change, and wanted to join the conversation but felt you didn’t know what to say? Or maybe you’ve heard people say they think it’s unlikely we can tackle the climate emergency and you wished you could give them a sense of hope.

Ecojustice has you covered.

The issue of the climate emergency can be overwhelming. The science can be hard to understand. Online spaces are awash in misinformation. And even well-meaning but flippant predictions about the fate of the planet can leave us with a sense of dread and uncertainty about how to take action. But you can be part of the solution. Start by having more Courageous Conversations.


A safe future starts here.

We’ve identified everyday scenarios during which you may encounter misconceptions about the climate emergency and asked our team of legal and scientific experts to share their guidance on how to engage in a constructive, informed manner.

Our Courageous Conversations climate cards were created to give you a resource for engaging in courageous conversations about how, together, Canada can — and must — take bold, ambitious climate action.


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