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Support Canada's
New Environmental
Racism Bill

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End environmental racism in Canada

Tell your M.P., the Prime Minister and key cabinet ministers to support Bill C-230

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Take action to stop environmental racism in Canada

In Canada, Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities are disproportionately impacted by and exposed to pollutants that spew from industrial plants, abandoned oil and gas wells, and toxic dumps. Decisions are made, often without community input, which results in these communities being forced to bear the worst impacts of this dangerous pollution.

This is environmental racism, and it is hurting people across Canada.

To date, Canada has done little to address this toxic legacy. But now, federal politicians have an opportunity to change that.

Last year, Nova Scotia M.P. Lenore Zann introduced the National Strategy to Redress Environmental Racism Act (Bill C-230). This bill aims to get Canada moving on developing a strategy to address environmental racism.

This legislation has gone to committee after passing second reading and still needs the support of M.P.s to be passed into law and become a critical tool for addressing environmental racism in Canada.

In recent months, the Biden administration has taken bold steps to systematically address environmental racism in the United States. It’s time for Canada to step up too.

Tell your M.P., the Prime Minister and key cabinet ministers to pass Bill C-230 into law.


Ask your M.P., the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers to support Bill C-230 and join the fight to stop environmental racism

Please send your letter today.


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