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Canada needs to say no to thermal coal, once and for all

Please, send a letter to Minister Guilbeault and call for a full ban on thermal coal in Canada.


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The world's dirtiest fossil fuel

It’s time for Canada to stop making the climate emergency even worse by shipping thermal coal overseas.

While a recent announcement from the federal government effectively signals the end of new coal mines in Canada, the fight is far from over:

Canada still exports millions of tonnes of Canadian and American thermal coal through our West Coast ports every year.

Thermal coal is so bad for people and the planet that Canada has already brought in regulations to stop burning it for electricity by 2030. So why are we continuing to export thermal coal to be burned in other parts of the world?


Canada needs to say no to thermal coal, once and for all.

Tell Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault and key cabinet members that you want Canada to ban thermal coal exports by 2024. Full stop.

For years, Ecojustice has worked with Indigenous Peoples, community groups, and environmental organizations to fight coal projects, in the name of protecting the climate and human health.

These efforts have led to important victories on a project-by-project basis – but we can’t keep playing whack-a-mole with the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel. We need a full stop on the burning, mining, and exporting of thermal coal.

Learn more about the federal government’s announcement on new thermal coal mine and expansion projects.


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