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Urge all federal parties to make Bill C-28 and its reforms to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) a political priority.

CEPA is Canada’s cornerstone environmental law. It keeps us safe from toxic substances and regulates the release of pollution and the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products – a primary source of Canadians’ daily exposure to toxics. But it hasn’t been updated in more than 21 years.

After years of campaigning by Ecojustice and our partners, the federal government has finally tabled the Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act (Bill C-28). This bill is the first to include protection of your right to a healthy environment and includes vital reforms to bring CEPA into the 21st century.

Now we need all federal parties to work together to strengthen this bill and pass it into law. With the clock ticking on this minority government, time is of the essence.

An updated Canadian Environmental Protection Act will provide Canadians — especially the vulnerable populations most at-risk from pollution and dangerous chemicals — with an essential layer of protection from exposure to toxic substances.

But this won’t happen unless all parties work together to improve and pass Bill C-28 as soon as possible.

Send a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and opposition environment critics today and urge them to make strengthening and passing Bill C-28 a political priority.

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If passed, Bill C-28 would be the first federal law to recognize your right to a healthy environment. However, critical amendments will be needed to ensure this right delivers environmental justice to everyone in Canada.

Call on federal leaders to make Bill C-28 a political priority. Please send your letter today.


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