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Demand political leadership on the environment 

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Hold politicians accountable to their promises

Tell your MP to get to work on environmental issues

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Tell your MP to get to work for our environment

Politicians promised to tackle key environmental issues when they asked for our vote during the federal election.

Now it’s time to hold them to their word.

Canadians chose to not give any one party a majority in Parliament. This sends a clear message: MPs need to work together across party lines to build a safer, healthier future for us all.

To put Canada on a more sustainable path, all parties must work together and take the following immediate actions:

  • Reintroduce and pass legislation to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and recognize your right to a healthy environment

  • Ban the export of thermal coal by 2023, including American coal, from Canadian ports

  • Introduce a corporate climate accountability law that requires Canadian companies, banks and financial institutions to align their business with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees

  • Introduce legislation to tackle systemic environmental racism and develop a strategy to address environmental justice in Canada

The next six months will be a crucial test of this government’s ability to make real progress on the environmental crises we face today.

Take action today. Call on your MP to advocate for these environmental priorities in Parliament.


Protecting the environment requires political leadership

Send a letter to your MP and key Cabinet ministers calling on them to follow through on their election promises.


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